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Reworked bad cat

I decided to try to rework the quick sketchy comic I did the other day.

This is a challenge and I often struggle with final versions of pieces – I find it hard to get the quality of line I want, and the colouring to look solid enough.

I’ve a theory that ruled lines around the boxes make for a far better finish, but today I tried a new approach – I ruled the lines in pencil and then went over them freehand in pen. I quite like the result, but I think ruled lines are probably better. I used the brush pen for the cat and various fine liners for the other line work. I was going to use the Rotring pens, but don’t trust them enough – I can’t always get a clean line.

I sketched this very roughly first, but probably should have worked it out a bit more before inking. I think I’d have got better cat expressions if I’d done that.

The major new thing here is that I drew it a3 – I know that creating these larger and reducing gives more opportunities for a clean result and I think that has pretty much worked.

1 thought on “Reworked bad cat

  1. hahahahaha.
    Yes, you see.

    note: I really like the hand drawn boxes. They are straight enough, and are very much in keeping with your (slightly wobbly) style. Looking back at the first edition of the cartoon, I really liked that only the plant was coloured in. I suspect that would work particularly well with the cat vomit.

    (heh heh hehe)

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