Phone wallpapers

I’ve made a couple of wallpapers for smartphone home screens. This is how it looks on my iPhone home screen.


Click on the pictures to get to the full size files.

excitable dog bw cat wallpaper

excitable dog wallpaper

To add these as wallpapers on your iPhone:

  1. visit this page on your iPhone
  2. click on the wallpaper you want and it will open a larger version of the image
  3. tap and hold on the image until you get the option to save the image
  4. go to Photos on your iPhone and the wallpaper will be in your Camera Roll. Go to it.
  5. click on the little icon in the bottom left. It will give you options of where to send the image
  6. in the bottom section, there is the option ‘Use as Wallpaper’. You may need to scroll to the right to see it. Select it.
  7. you will now be given options to move the wallpaper about and zoom in. Get it how you want it, then choose ‘Set’.
  8. Enjoy!
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