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Cat new year resolutions

Here’s today’s cartoon. Surely all cats make these resolutions.

Nib and ink and then just painted with watered coloured inks. I wrote the text freehand, but think I still need to improve my handwriting to get away with that for much longer. I used the new inks I got for Christmas, so lots of terra cotta and yellow. The terra cotta ink is very odd – it is sort of gooey and I need to shake it a lot. It doesn’t seem to blend as well as the other colours, but I’m not sure why.

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Cats in the gym

Here’s today’s picture.

Not a sight you see everyday.

I quite like the idea of this and think the weight lifting one is most fun. I was going to caption it, but I think it works alone.

Pen (nibs) and ink on Daler Rowney Heavy Weight paper and with ink wash. I hardly watered the ink today and I like the stronger colouring, but perhaps I went too far. I’m experimenting with the Heavy Weight paper instead of Bristol Board because I want to see if it will like the wash more than Bristol Board. It’s also cheaper, so worth a shot! I quite like it but it’s not as white as the board.

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Experiments with watercolour (and using up an old pad)

Here are today’s dogs. I had an old pad to use up, which led to some annoying results with some smudging. I also had a look at a cartoon book about how to draw dogs, and tried to put that into practice.