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Penguin in a cloak

Update: You can now buy this cartoon on a t-shirt, hoodie, or sticker at RedBubble. How can you resist?

Here’s another drawing of a penguin in a cloak.

This one is interesting to me because of how I achieved it. First, I copied from a picture of a penguin I took at London zoo.

I sketched it in pencil and then sketched in the mask and cloak. Then I put it on the lightbox and drew the outline on a new sheet using a tria marker with the brush nib.

Then I scanned it and adjusted the levels to get the white paper white. I copied the layer and coloured it in, and put that coloured layer under the original scanned layer, using the Color Burn blending mode.

The nice thing for me is that I like this sort of look and I’m gradually working out how to achieve it. Gradually.

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Flying Dog’s outfit selection – another attempt

I had another go at the Flying Dog outfits.

I did this a different way by printing out a template of the dog in all four positions to draw over. This meant all dogs started roughly the same and the outfits changing make a bigger difference. I inked it with a nib but coloured it on the computer. My computer colouring skills need work. I also need to see about a better way to ensure the lines I scan can be preserved, while getting rid of the bits of the scan I don’t want. Some of the lettering has suffered as a result of this.

Compositionally, I think the notes about what doesn’t work with the outfits adds something, but each dog and outfit could probably be a touch bigger.