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Palestine by Joe Sacco

Part of my learning about drawing and cartooning has inevitably led into the world of more serious comics. One of my favourite books in this genre is Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, but I’ve just finished reading Palestine by Joe Sacco. It’s incredible.

I actually bought it a while ago, and had been put off reading it because of the heavy subject matter. What’s clever about it, though, is that although the subject matter is very serious and enlightening, Sacco balances it well.

His illustrations and page compositions are compelling, and his writing draws you in and along.

This is a subject I knew very little about and the book has opened my eyes to how very little I still know. It must be a good sign that I am now curious to find out the current situation and follow the news about peace talks that bit closer. Sacco has very successfully brought a situation to life in a way that I hope stays with me.