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Cat new year resolutions

Here’s today’s cartoon. Surely all cats make these resolutions.

Nib and ink and then just painted with watered coloured inks. I wrote the text freehand, but think I still need to improve my handwriting to get away with that for much longer. I used the new inks I got for Christmas, so lots of terra cotta and yellow. The terra cotta ink is very odd – it is sort of gooey and I need to shake it a lot. It doesn’t seem to blend as well as the other colours, but I’m not sure why.

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Mouse and cheese

I’ve bought some new colours of ink and really wanted to play with them.

I didn’t spend any time working on the joke, but had fun with Red, Yellow, Ochre in addition to the green, blue and black I had already.

It’s also very nice to be back drawing, having spent a lot of time on the Christmas cards recently.