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The brain is weird

Here’s today’s cartoon. I’m really interested in the use of comics for addressing all sorts of issues and communicating about them in ways that other approaches can’t achieve. This is an experiment along those lines.

This sort of idea could be conveyed by a short bit of text, of course (see the Moodscope emails for a daily dose of this), but it may not engage the brain in the same way.

This also uses a lot more text than I normally have, but I think it works well with the images. What do you think?

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Cat and dog birthday card

Here’s today’s cartoon.

I have an idea to try to do some birthday cards. This is basically a revision of one I did for a friend a few years ago.

I’m not happy with the execution – the animals both are a bit vague, and the perspective on the items in the room is a bit bonkers. However, I’m quite interested by the use of colours I tried. I quite like the sepia for the background. I initially started this on the computer using my Bamboo graphics tablet. I soon stopped that, though, because a: it looks AWFUL and b: I don’t get very much joy from drawing on a tablet. Not nearly as fun or interesting as ink, nibs and the danger that water could go everywhere…

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A couple more Christmas card ideas

I’m still working out the ideas for these cards. I quite like this one.

Let’s party!

This one is meant to portray Father Christmas going from amazingly slim and sprightly to completely fat and wiped out after his trip around the world. I think it needs an extra frame in the middle showing him eating and drinking lots. But I’m not sure it’ll ever really work.

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Rudolf takes a cold cure

Here’s another Christmas card idea.

What do you reckon?

Nibs (three of ’em!) and ink on Bristol board with the aid of a lightbox.

Update: I got some feedback that this was hard to understand, partly because of my appalling handwriting, partly because without colour it’s not immediately apparent that Rudolf doesn’t have a red nose, and partly because Rudolf guiding the sleigh is more a US thing than a UK thing. I’ve tried to address these a bit here (but the cultural differences are probably insurmountable).