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Here’s today’s picture.

I did the lettering with a Rotring M nib, the brush bits with the brush pen and used various widths of fine liner for the rest. Coloured with markers.

My brilliant brush pen doesn’t play well with my markers, which is a real shame and leads to some smudging. I probably should have used a different pen for the main lines on the cartoon, but I find it hard to resist the brush pen… I also did this on marker paper, but it would have worked better on bristol board, I think. Bristol board is better for erasing pencil and is just far more robust all round.

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Drawings in a coffee shop

We had a little holiday last week, which included some time in a coffee shop. I tried to draw Sarah. She’s not really recognisable…

I would like to get better at drawing people to the point where you could recognise who it is.

Then I tried to draw a handrail. That is more recognisable.

I’ve been trying things with shading and hatching a fair bit recently, and this shows more of that.

I drew both of these using a Rotring ArtPen with the M nib. I like drawing in pen because there’s little scope for correction and you have to live with your mistakes. On the other hand, there’s little scope for correction and you have to live with your mistakes.

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Competitive blue dogs

These are my favourite sorts of dogs to draw right now. The one on the right is drawn using a Pentel brush pen, which is just lovely, and then coloured in with a Copic marker. The one on the left is drawn with a Rotring artPen, which is what I used for the cats earlier in the week but doesn’t work so well with solid colour here. It’s coloured in with a Tria marker. I like the Tria markers, but they have a design flaw which means some of them dry out. As such, I’ve been considering moving to Copic. Blue is the natural colour for my dogs.

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Experiments with watercolour (and using up an old pad)

Here are today’s dogs. I had an old pad to use up, which led to some annoying results with some smudging. I also had a look at a cartoon book about how to draw dogs, and tried to put that into practice.