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T-shirts, hoodies and stickers from RedBubble

I’m making some of my pictures available on t-shirts, hoodies and stickers through RedBubble. I chose RedBubble because they use American Apparel t-shirts and hoodies, so it’s quite easy to know whether the t-shirt will work for you or not (I HATE low quality t-shirts and hoodies) and they ship worldwide. They also have a good reputation, from what I can tell, of producing high quality products. If you’ve heard otherwise, or have any comments or feedback about this, please do let me know!

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Cat and dog birthday card

Here’s today’s cartoon.

I have an idea to try to do some birthday cards. This is basically a revision of one I did for a friend a few years ago.

I’m not happy with the execution – the animals both are a bit vague, and the perspective on the items in the room is a bit bonkers. However, I’m quite interested by the use of colours I tried. I quite like the sepia for the background. I initially started this on the computer using my Bamboo graphics tablet. I soon stopped that, though, because a: it looks AWFUL and b: I don’t get very much joy from drawing on a tablet. Not nearly as fun or interesting as ink, nibs and the danger that water could go everywhere…

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Mouse and cheese

I’ve bought some new colours of ink and really wanted to play with them.

I didn’t spend any time working on the joke, but had fun with Red, Yellow, Ochre in addition to the green, blue and black I had already.

It’s also very nice to be back drawing, having spent a lot of time on the Christmas cards recently.

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Christmas card samples

I’ve just had back the first print run of some Christmas cards I’ve done. I’m very excited. I printed these so I can now show them to the local shops and see if they want to sell them. I live just off Bermondsey Street in central London, an area brimming with local artists and independent shops, so with luck I will get some interest.

They will each come with a red envelope and here they all are together (surprisingly hard to photograph!).

These cards were all drawn with nib and ink and then coloured with markers. I’m pleased with the quality of the cards, which I printed with moo.