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I can’t believe I get away with this

Here’s a card I did for my sister’s birthday. She has a cat. The cat does this to her. That cat can’t believe its luck!

I used a thicker nib for this, and coloured direct with markers, which can lead to a bit of smudging, but does make for a nice final card (I think so, anyway).

Update: You can now buy this cartoon on a t-shirt, hoodie, or sticker at RedBubble. How can you resist?

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Cat and dog birthday card

Here’s today’s cartoon.

I have an idea to try to do some birthday cards. This is basically a revision of one I did for a friend a few years ago.

I’m not happy with the execution – the animals both are a bit vague, and the perspective on the items in the room is a bit bonkers. However, I’m quite interested by the use of colours I tried. I quite like the sepia for the background. I initially started this on the computer using my Bamboo graphics tablet. I soon stopped that, though, because a: it looks AWFUL and b: I don’t get very much joy from drawing on a tablet. Not nearly as fun or interesting as ink, nibs and the danger that water could go everywhere…