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Heads, hands, feet and penguins

Today I totally lacked inspiration for a cartoon, so I practiced heads, hands, feet and penguins. I started by reading Jack Cole’s instant cartooning course and drew these as a result.

The course recommends working on hands and feet a lot, so I tried drawing some hands. This is my hand.

And this is a sort of copy of my drawing of my hand, which isn’t so good and shows that it’s not drawn from life. But nice in pen.

Then I tried some feet.

Another foot from the front. Drawn with a Rotring B nib pen.

That’s enough of that! Let’s draw a cat!

Oh, ok, here’s my hand again.

Yes, that’s a little penguin next to it. A friend linked to a how to draw penguins course on the Guardian site. So I tried some…

We can do both at once, though, right?